About Us

Central Virginia based

Stillwater was started in Lynchburg, VA as a solution to companies in need of financial services and business direction. Though we provide consultation and make recommendations to businesses, we are not a traditional CPA or consulting firm. As the saying goes, “a consultant is someone who borrows your watch and then charges you to tell you what time it is!” That is not us. We at Stillwater will actually get our hands dirty.

A key differentiator between us and a CPA firm is, opposed to focusing solely on journal entries and tax advice, you can count on us to be a business “partner” who will build or help you build forecasts, budgets, and financial models for decision-making. Stillwater will even help you save money and improve performance by participating, or even leading, negotiations with vendors.

We do all of this with any business size. Helping sole-proprietors get a new business started on the right foot, providing solutions to small and mid-size companies with financial questions/problems, and assisting large organizations with tools designed for business decisions are all in our wheelhouse.

Stillwater brings over 20 years of Fortune 500 experience

Corporate Finance

Leading FP&A (Financial Planning & Analysis) teams, providing senior leadership with the financial health of the organization

Business Analysis

Developing financial models, leading teams of analysts, and providing business insights for decision-making

Vendor Management

Establishing best practices, coaching vendor managers, and leading teams driving substantial cost savings with suppliers


Another key differentiator for Stillwater is our passion. We are not happy with simply answering some accounting questions and charging you for it, like most financial service firms. There is no excitement in that, because that is a business model designed solely to make money and nothing else. We actually want our clients’ businesses to succeed, grow, and become more profitable. That is the passion that motivates us, excites us, and drives us every day!

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