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The Morning Consult is providing weekly tracking on key issues/sectors related to COVID-19. As vaccines start to roll out, businesses start bringing people back to the office we will slowly see a return to normal. Below is a link of their weekly report related to dining. There are some positives here, 35% of all respondents said they would be comfortable going back to dining in the next month. As reopenings slowly begin, warm weather rolls back around and the restaurants start to tap into the second round of PPP, there is hope on the horizon.

If you are a business that may need financing and need to buy time over these next few months, let’s have a conversation. Still Water Solutions is here to have a conversation, determine what your path forward is and will walk with you through the process. With 15 years in banking, there is a wealth of knowledge to provide and avenues to explore.

Tracking the Return to Normal: Dining – Morning Consult

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